Community Correspondents

Asha Kumari

Asha is aVV-PACS Correspondent from Dhaurath, Bihar where women are constantly under pressure and restrictions from men. Asha is herself a survivor of domestic violence. Fighting against all odds & family pressure, she wants to work on the issue of education, as she believes it is the strongest tool which will help women in her village come forward and free them from the constraints placed on them.

Videos from Asha

Video Volunteers Impact: Women get water

/ July 7, 2016

Equipped with the right knowledge and impetus from Video Volunteer’s community correspondent Asha Devi, women of Makarpur, Bihar, approached the Block development Officer of the block and solved the problem, getting the hand-pump fixed within a week; and putting an end to lack of safe, drinking water.   Community Correspondents come from...

Impact – Educated about their rights, women get hand-pump repaired in Bihar

/ April 7, 2016

Ignorance kept this village water-less for almost two months. The village hand-pump, which is a sole source of safe, hygienic drinking for many villages in India, was broken after wear and tear. However, the villagers did not know whom to approach in the government, in order to complain about the...

Impact: Supplementary nutrition now available at Anganwadi

/ November 2, 2015

Mahangpur village, Jehanabad district, Bihar | Asha Kumari Malnutrition is rampant in Mahangpur village of Jehanabad district, Bihar. Despite this, the Anganwadi centre in the village did not distribute ration on a regular basis. When community correspondent, Asha Devi learnt about this, she reported the matter to the Child Development...

5 months without food – Asha reports from Sagarpur, Bihar

/ September 3, 2015

The villagers of Sagarpur in Bihar are not getting any ration from the dealer in their village.  Our community correspondent Asha went there to find out the reason behind it. All the villagers belonging to BPL (Below Poverty Line) have the right to get ration every month. Community Correspondents come...

No pension for disabled people in Jahanabad, Bihar – Reports Asha

/ August 26, 2015

People with disabilities are entitled to benefits from the Samajik Suraksha Pension Yojna (Social Security Pension Scheme). But a family in Alua Bigha village of Bihar is deprived of the same in spite of having three disabled members. Suamnti Devi does not have a Disability pension card even though she...

Widows in Bihar Seek Financial Stability

/ June 25, 2015

25th June, 2015 | Dharaut village, Makhdumpur Block, Bihar | Asha Urmila Devi, is a septuagenarian who lost her husband about four years ago. With no other source of income or financial support she relies squarely on the Laxmibai Social Security Pension Scheme for her survival. However, for the past...

Impact: Clean and Healthy Food at the School!

/ May 11, 2015

Katrasi Village, Jehanabad District, Bihar | Asha Community Correspondent Asha made a video which helped improve the quality of school lunches for over 300 students. This is their story. One afternoon while sitting down to eat lunch at school, Sweety, a student was shocked to find worms floating in her...

An entire community kept in the dark

/ November 27, 2014

Ansara village, in Jahanabad district of Bihar, hasn’t had electricity for decades. In this report, Community Correspondent Asha Devi captures the lives of thousands of people who have lived their life in darkness. CALL TO ACTION: Call Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Varma, Block Development Officer of Makhdumpur Block, on +91-843118078, and...