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Dina Ganvir

Dina Ganvir


Deena Ganvir is a tribal rights activist working to ensure facilities for young children such as schools, anganwadis and medical care. This new generation is the future of Chhattisgarh, she says, a state currently ravaged by conflict. Deena has also been working closely with the Baiga tribe of Chhattisgarh, for several years on issues of forest rights and access to amenities.

The confident cheer in Deena’s voice is a far cry from the IndiaUnheard training days when she would often feel frustrated with her inability to grasp technological concepts. It reflects in her response to questions about whether life has changed in any way. “Being a Community Correspondent really augments the work I do. I’ve learnt to focus on the finer details, like noting down phone numbers of officials in my diary or showing community members the footage I filmed. Also, it’s important to erase this fear people have of administration – we have to learn to work together. It ensures greater clarity for what I am attempting to achieve, and the confidence gained, and work achieved by both sides are honestly the greatest rewards I could get for creating change.”

Through Video Volunteers, she has made issue videos over a wide range of topics, with special emphasis on education, water, and labour rights, driving long-term impacts through videos that expose for her community.

Videos from Dina

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First Stop Education Matters

/ June 11, 2018

This anganwadi in Chhattisgarh’s Bhurbaspani village in Kawardha was built in 2000, but in 2018, it is still functioning without even a building.

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Can a Thread Tie Modernisation and Tradition Together?

/ May 25, 2018

As more and more communities become ‘modern’, a civilisation as old as India runs the risk of losing its age-old cultures. Is there a way for societies to progress without getting stuck in the past?

Bridging the gap between Adivasi communities and administration

/ September 24, 2014

The Baiga people are one of the many tribes in Central India. Community Correspondent Dina works closely with this reclusive tribe and in this interview she details how she & her camera bridged the gap between adivasis & administration to bring water for 35 children in an anganwadi. Traditionally referring...

Forest Officials forcibly keep Tribe’s Legal Land Papers

/ October 7, 2016

The Baigas, an indigenous community spread across central India were, according to folklore, God’s chosen ones to carry forward the human race in India. The Baigas consider themselves to be servants of the earth and the king of the forests. The peace-loving tribe is known for its’ respect for nature,...

Awaiting Justice: Chhattisgarh’s tribal residents’ FRA rights under attack

/ September 26, 2016

The ancient tribe of Baiga has been residing in Chhattisgarh’s jungles since times unknown treating the Earth as their mother, and nature as their Gods. The earliest written records of the tribes’ existence in Central India, was recorded in 1867, by a Captain Thompson. Ever since Chhattisgarh was carved out...

Without electricity, a village suffers in darkness

/ May 30, 2016

A remote tribal village of Chhattisgarh has never seen electricity. While government schemes such as Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY), worth $11 billion, have visions to provide continuous power supply to rural India, the Parevachapa village in Pandaria district of Chattisgarh, a village established 16 years ago, is...

Parched district not yet declared drought affected in Chhattisgarh

/ March 21, 2016

In Hatkacharama village, 15 km from Narharpur tehsil of Uttar Bastar Kanker district, Chhattisgarh, farmer Vishnuram Sodhi is worried that his crop may fail, adding to his already mounting debts. His tehsil, Narharpur has received negligible rainfall in the monsoon, putting futures of many farmers in a similar jeopardy. However,...

Getting Clean Water for Nunmatti villagers

/ February 10, 2016

At Nunmatti village in Kawardha district of Chhattisgarh, people were drinking spring water as the only hand pump in the village was broken. Deena Ganwer contacted the designated authority and showed him the video which documented the issue. The hand pump was fixed in next two days. Community Correspondent Deena...