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Nesatan Khatun

Nesatan Khatun


Nesatan Khatun was married off at the age of 15 but then broke all the rules by continuing her education from the school in her in-laws’ village school.

She completed basic schooling and went on to advocate for the education of girls. Following in her footsteps, many local women signed up to complete their education.

Nesatun firmly believes that financial empowerment will lead women to achieve greater equality, independence and justice.  In a country where most women depend on men for financial security, Nesatun shares the financial responsibility of her household and daughter's education with her husband. After joining Video Volunteers, as a reporter, she has helped widowed women demand their widow pension, and has reported on the lack of access to maternal health services.

West Bengal, along with Bangladesh, is one of the worst-affected places with arsenic poisoning in the world. Nesatun's home, Murshidabad is one such affected district in the state. Even as the state and central government continue to ignore the seriousness of the problem, Nesatun, along with many of West Bengal Community Correspondents, is gathering evidence that document the effects of the contamination on her community as well as the apathy of the government to find a recourse to help the community.

Nesatun was previously associated with the NGO CINI, and works extensively on issues of arsenic poisoned water, child marriage, gender violence and trafficking and continues to work on these subjects at Video Volunteers.

Nesatun is acutely aware of the fact that she and her community's lack of facilities have had no outside media interest so far. Therefore she has taken it upon herself to bring the rightful facilities to the community through digital storytelling.

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