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Dibyajyoti Karmakar

Dibyajyoti Karmakar

currently completing his Masters degree in Drama, Dibyajoti has spent years traveling extensively across Bengal doing plays on human rights issues. He has facilitated several awareness camps using theatre, and has formerly conducted language surveys supported by the Govt. of West Bengal across several districts. As a Community Correspondent, he intends to learn and understand issues in his hometown Nakshipara, Nadia.

Videos from Dibyajyoti

Government neglects dangerous road conditions

/ March 14, 2016

Frequent accidents occur due to the poor road quality of National Highway 34(NH34) connecting Kolkata to North Bengal. The stretch between Krishnagar and Murshidabad is particularly bad which keeps commuters and those living alongside the road in a perpetual state of fear. Community has often expressed their concerns to the...