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Rebeka Parvin

Rebeka Parvin

A student of sociology, Rebeka has worked extensively using theatre to raise awareness on human rights issues. Recently married, she wants to highlight orthodoxy in caste and religion as both she and her partner have been ostracized from their families and communities for marrying someone from a different religion and caste. Currently living in urban North 24 Parganas, Rebeka has encountered far too many instances of domestic violence, and is looking forward to filming testimonies & screening them in her neighbourhood.

Videos from Rebeka

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When Traditional Art Forms Become the Key to Poverty Eradication

/ December 25, 2017

Banglanatak is showing the world how folk art forms can revivify communities and sustain them.

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Usha: A New Beginning for Sex Workers

/ November 15, 2017

A co-operative bank run for and by sex workers is changing lives across West Bengal.

Different Beats: Being a Female Tabla Player

/ November 29, 2016

Mithu Tikadar is a Dalit and professional female tabla player who is breaking norms in a male-dominated field despite facing discrimination – even by her own family.

80 families of Kolkata suburb make do with two toilets

/ May 14, 2016

According to the UN, sanitation – access to, and use of, excreta and wastewater facilities and services such as clean toilets is a basic human right. However, the Bhagabati Chatterjee street, Belgharia, a suburb of Kolkata has just two toilets that are used by more than eighty families of the...

20 families fear for their lives

/ December 28, 2015

Every day, 20 Dalit families face the fear of either being bitten by snakes, scorpions and other poisonous creature as there is no boundary wall guarding the Panna Jheel (pond), on the banks of which they reside. The problem worsens during the monsoon. The community has approached various representatives from...