Community Correspondents

Krupakar Chahande

Krupakar Sriram Chahande is from Chandrapur district, Brahmapuri Taluka in Maglinagar Kailasko. He belongs to the Kundbhi Dalit community. Krupakar was born into a family of activists. He watched his father, stopping discrimination against Dalits—there was a time where Dalits in his village were not allowed to purchase goods from shopkeers or take water from the wells. Today though, other issues concerning education, health, denial of pensions, Dalits discrimination, unemployment, and unavailability of clean drinking water persist in the village. Krupakar would like to resolve these through video. As a member of the NGO Uday Gram Vikas Sanstha, Krupakar was successful in stopping corruption that teachers and the management committee members indulged in at the local school. He now feels confident that he can replicate such impacts, especially through video.

Videos from Krupakar

Maharashtra’s Nomadic Behrupiya Tribe remains Marginalized

/ January 6, 2016

Traditionally a community of street performers, known to bring comic relief to day-to-day life through witty dialogues, vivid costumes and makeup, the Behrupiya community struggles to find its space in the modern era of entertainment. With their main source of livelihood under threat, the nomadic community struggles to eke out an...

1994 flood victims still waiting for compensation

/ December 23, 2015

The 1994 floods caused hundreds of deaths across five states in India and left an estimated two million homeless. Survivors from Mangli village in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra are still waiting for the compensation sanctioned by the government. In 1994, more than 80% of Mangli village in Chandrapur district was...

Need to Struggle for MGNREGA Scheme Payments

/ August 13, 2015

Around 125 people of Rampuri village of Brahmapuri block(Chandrapur disctrict) in Maharashtra are still not get paid after completing the work through the MGNREGA scheme. Community Correspondent Krupakar Chahande from Maharashtra reports for Video Volunteers.   Video Transcript: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act has been implemented throughout Maharashtra....

No Electricity Endangers Crop

/ May 27, 2015

27th May 2015 | Gawarla, Chandrapur, Maharastra | Krupakar Chahande Farmers from Gawarla village in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra have no access to electricity. They paid for the electricity connection 2 years ago yet no meter or appropriate set up has been done to ensure electricity supply. When they approach...

Village Campaigns to Ban Liquor

/ May 6, 2014

Community Corespondent Krupakar Chahande reports from Chichkheda village in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra where residents have been trying to ban liquor as they find it is eating away at their lives. Read on to see how you can help. Despite their campaigning liquor is still being sold in every village, destroying...

Guaranteeing Employment

/ January 29, 2014

Community correspondent Krupakar reports the story of a Sadashiv Thakrey who has not been given a MGNREGA job card due to which he along with many others who are unemployed are suffering. In Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, lives Sadashiv Thakrey. He applied for a job card under the Mahatma Gandhi...