1994 flood victims still waiting for compensation

The 1994 floods caused hundreds of deaths across five states in India and left an estimated two million homeless. Survivors from Mangli village in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra are still waiting for the compensation sanctioned by the government.

In 1994, more than 80% of Mangli village in Chandrapur district was under water. Since then, MLAs and MPs visited the affected areas multiple times to assess damage and offer relief. Some families were given wood to build their house, while others were given livestock to survive on. It has been 21 years since the compensation for floods was announced, but nothing has arrived as of yet.

- When was your house destroyed?
- In 1994 floods. We haven't received any compensation till now. Our walls of the house are in poor condition.- Where do you live now?
- I have built a small hut, but it is in a bad shape.
- Haven't you spoken with the sarpanch regarding this?
- I had spoken to him.
- What did he say?
- The MLA will arrive next year and then we will look into it.

Krupakar Chahande - Didn't you request for another house?
Janaka Kamble - I had requested, but no action has been taken as yet.
- Who had you spoken with?
- We had pursued the sarpanch for almost 3 years, but now the sarpanch has changed. The new sarpanch had made new promises to us and even after 2 years in term we haven't received anything.
- Who has promised you the compensation?
- The first sarpanch of this village.

Madhukar Raul - We had made requests to the sarpanch many a times that we wanted a house, but the gram panchayat doesn't have any answer for this. They are asking us for money, but I will not give any money. I am willing to wait for another 20 years but will not pay any money to the panchayat. This is the reason why we aren't getting a new house. Sarpanch is asking us to pay INR 5000 - 10000.

I request my viewers to please help my cause. Please call BDO of Brahmapur Block on 7177272038 and demand that compensation is released immediately to those affected by floods in 1994.

I am Krupakar Chahande reporting from Chandrapur district of Maharashtra for IndiaUnheard.

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