Social exclusion stands in the way of Indira Awaas Scheme

Imagine living in a plastic shed because the government scheme you are eligible for is not being given to you.  This is the reality for Gabriel Bodra and his family.  The Indira Awaas (Housing) Scheme is a 1985 Indian government initiated social welfare programme created to provide housing for the rural underprivileged in India.  However, due to the corrupt practices of officials and social repression Gabriel is not receiving the benefits of the scheme. 


Call to Action:  Help Gabriel Bodra and his family move into proper housing now.  Help them access the Indira Awaas Scheme by calling: Santosh Choudhary, Block Development Officer, Bandgaon, Tel: +918051006106


VV-Correspondent Basanti Hunni Purty interviews Gabriel Bodra from Banditoli, Mamla village, Bandgaon block, West Singhbhum, Jharkhand.  He lives with seven of his family members in temporary housing as his application to the Indira Awaas Scheme was rejected.  His brother lives in a plastic constructed shed with his own family next door. 

The brothers fall in the Below Poverty Line category and having no work, are left with no other option but to sell firewood to make some money. 

“We asked the Government for help.  We don’t have any work either.”

After having spoken to our Correspondent we learn the main reason for the rejection of their applications was due to social and caste discrimination.  The brothers are of scheduled castes and are uneducated.  They spoke with the Village Head but nothing was done about it and not knowing what to do they left the situation as it was.  Our Correspondent has since had a meeting with the District Collector who has confirmed he will fill another form for them.   However we need you to keep up the pressure on him.  Thus please call the number above.

In a similar video, Community Correspondent Kamal Kishor from Jharkhand managed to end the malpractice with the Indira Awaas Yojana.  This goes to show just how powerful a community’s voice teamed with a camera is and how much your contribution heps.

That is why we need your help to solve this issue.  We need the Block Development Officer to provide Gabriel Bodra and his family housing under the Indira Yojana Scheme. So please call the number above NOW!


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Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu

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