Proactive grannies need your Proactive Support

Robbed of their pensions.  Government negligence.  Old and left with no other option but to work the land.  Shame.  Imagine your grandmother breaking her back in the fields so she can feed herself.  Disgraceful shame.


“In the time of sowing seeds in the farms we work in the Munda peoples fields.  We also go in the time of harvest. We somehow manage.”


Call to Action:Help these women receive their old age pensions now!  Call the number below and put pressure on the official demanding the rights for these women.


Block Development Officer, Bandgaon, SantoshChoudhary, Tel: +918051006106


VV-Correspondent Basanti Hunni Purti reports from Meramguttu Machuatoli village, Bandgaon block, West Singhbhum district, Jharkhand where 10-12 women are not receiving their old age pensions due to the negligence of government officials. 


“I have done everything.  I gave three chickens as a bribe to a government man.  First I gave 50INR to the person, then 60 INR again for him to sort my pension out.  He gave me a passbook but no money has been deposited on it since.  It has been 3 years since this happened,” a frustrated old aged lady declares.


The women were proactive and went to the government office to enquire why they were not receiving their benefits.  They were told that their forms had not been filled and that their bank accounts should have not been opened until then.  However, the women replied that they have filled forms countless times and they should receive their pensions.


You can help these women get their right to pension.  They need your support to put pressure on the Block Development Officer to process their forms.  Previous videos have made huge differences in people’s lives.  For instance VV-Correspondent AnupamaSathy’svideo managed to get 27 old aged pensioners from Karathuta village, Kujang Block of Jagatsinghpur District their pension.  She could not have done it without your support.

This is why we need your support.  Please call the number above to ensure that theold aged women of MeramguttuMachuatoli villagereceive the pension they are entitled too.


Watch more videos like here.


Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu.

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