BSNL employees denied salary for 8 months

The employees of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited( BSNL) office in Khunti district have not been getting their monthly wages for 8 months when Community Correspondent Amita Tuti made a video on them.

 Prior to the video, the employees had gone on a strike when their complaints were turned a deaf ear to. Many wanted to quit their jobs, but the thought of running a family and taking care of their children forced them to stay put until Tuti finally made a video on the same in 2014.

Through this video, the Ranchi Labour commission was notified of the plight of these employees.The Commission further send an official who made inquiries about the employee’s status and the amount they were due after which they were issued quick payment of 2 months. Further, salary due for 7 months was also released. But the trouble is far from over for these employees as anomalies still persist.

Community Correspondent appeals to all the viewers through this video to take action by calling Om Prakash The General Manager of BSNL  in Ranchi so that these employees are paid their dues.

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