He Goes to Work everyday but hasn’t been paid in 18 years!

24th March 2014 | Gutuhatu village, Murhu Block, Jharkhand | Amita Tuti

Bishu Munda is a night guard at a local memorial who, despite showing up for his job every single day for the past 24 years, hasn't received his salary since 1996. He's been guarding the statue of Birsa Munda since 1990.

Birsa Munda was probably one of Jharkhand's greatest tribal heroes, a revered figure who to this date inspires tribals to speak out against the new forms of oppression they face. The protection of his statue, one would think, would be of great importance to the Government of Jharkhand. Bishu has for years been trying to appeal to various officials to set right the situation. All he gets are vague promises

You can make sure that Bishu Munda gets paid for his hard work.

Call to Action: Please call Mr. Samson Roy, the District Commissioner on +91 9973802663 and ask him to pay Bishu Munda immediately

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