Brutalities in Bihar: Raped, Murdered and Disposed Off

Ever since the horrific incident of December 16 in the capital city, there has been a surge in reporting cases of gender violence. This surge, however, hasn’t done much to stop the acts of inhumane brutalities. In Begusarai district of Bihar, earlier this year in April, an 11-year-old girl was raped, murdered and disposed-off in a nearby cornfield. The people of Begusarai — angered and distraught — rallied in the village to protest against the indolent administration. VV-PACS Community Correspondent Indu Devi, who herself lives in Begusarai, reports the ground reality which is faced by the women and girls of Bihar everyday. This report is a part of the VV-Bloomberg Project.

Call for Action: As the perpetrator has fled the village with his family, you can call Harprit Kaur, the Superintendent of Police, yourself on +91-9431800011 and ask that he be found soon and be produced before the court of law.

About the VV-Bloomberg Project: This video is a part of a special collaboration between Video Volunteers, a leading community media organization & Bloomberg, which is the premier source for global business and financial information. During this special mentoring project, five Bloomberg reporters became coaches to twelve of VV's IndiaUnheard Community Correspondents to help them produce videos on a variety of social issues. This is a one of its kind project where Bloomberg coaches, who have several years of experience working in mainstream media will share their expertise with trained grassroots journalists currently working to highlight the stories of their media dark villages. Each side will get refreshing new perspectives making for stronger journalism.

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