Unattended Broken Bridge caliming lives

“Had there been a bridge, incidents like this would not have happened” shares Rajesh Sada , a resident of Bagban village in Bihar as he recounts the consequences of a bridge lying unattended and broken since 2007.

Years have passed since the bridge in Bagban village broke down. And it stays broken till date as a testimony of yet another instance of inefficient governance in the country. As a result of this, there were multiple incidents of death in the village where 3 children drowned in the last couple of years. There are more children who fear to go to the Anganwadi Centre through this way. Many have stopped going to the Anganwadi in fear of drowning. The majority of the people who are dependent on farming around the area are also facing difficulties due to the broken bridge.

They have made complaints to authorities including the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar himself but in vain. The situation persists despite the fact that the construction and maintenance of village roads, bridges, ferries, and culverts fall under the duty of Gram Panchayat as per the Panchayat Raj Act 1947.

Indu Devi, our Community Correspondent hereby appeals to the viewers to contact Sheema Tripathi, the District Collector of Begusarai in Bihar on +91-9431815000 and urge her to take urgent steps to re-construct this broken bridge and avoid further casualties.
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