Misery of Changing Roads

23rd March 2015 | Kheramuta, Sundergarh District, Odisha | Halomuni Kuardar

The residents of Lanjiberna, Bihaband and Kheramuta villages in Odisha have been protesting the presence of OCL India’s limestone and dolomite mines in their area. The densely populated area has been facing multiple problems because of the mines. In today’s video, IndiaUnheard Community Correspondent Halomuni Kuardar provides further proof of the disruption caused by the mines in the area.

For many residents of the area, cattle rearing remains a common practice and a vital source of income. Since the mines are adjacent to the village, the cattle often end up being killed by large vehicles that ply the dirt path. For farmers like Situ Panna this sudden loss of cattle is a financial challenge. He is now trying to get compensation for his loss.


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