Rural women left behind as village benefits from Ujvala Yojana | Guddi reports for IndiaUnheard

Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana aims at providing 5 Crore cooking gas (LPG) connections in the name of women for Below Poverty Line households across the country.

 But in Koili village of Sitamari District of Bihar, five to seven women are still waiting for their connections. They had filled applications for the cylinders along with other residents. However, they have been left behind as the other families got their LPG cylinders.
Due to this, the women face problems as they are forced to collect firewood for cooking food. They have to leave their children alone at home inorder to go for firewood collection in the jungle. The situation gets worse during monsoons because they can’t find dry firewood then. The Village Head had been informed about the problem but no actions are forthcoming.
Community Correspondent Guddi wants to highlight the plight of these women left behind from the rest of their community in availing government benefits.

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