Since 10 years, “Anganwadi still under Construction”

“It is very difficult for them to eat, play and store their belongings.” This is the story of 30 children who are denied quality space due to an Anganwardi building left half incomplete for 10 years in Simra village of Jharkhand.

Ten years ago, the construction of this Anganwadi building began under Sam Vikas Yojana, which is a  specia all round development scheme for select districts approved by the government. However even after a decade, the building remains incomplete. As a result of this, the caretaker Kalavati Devi is forced to run the centre in a nearby building. Due to congested place shared between 30 children along with 2 caretakers, the overall development of the children is getting restricted in this building.  “Lack of funds” is being cited as the reason for the incomplete construction as there is only Rs 1,00,000 left from the allocated fund of over Rs 2,00,000.

Community Correspondnet Bharti Kumari made this video as she waspained by the sight of children, especially those belonging to Harijan community in this constricted space. She appeals to the viewers to dial 94711191619 and request Pawrez Ibrahim, the District Social Welfare Officer of Dhanbad in Jharkhand to speed up the procedure to complete the construction of the Anganwadi building.

Commemorating soldiers of The Indian National Army in Betul

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In this video, our community correspondent Mohanlal Sheelu is participating in a program commemorating the ex-soldiers of INA. From the Ghoradongri block of Betul District, Madhya Pradesh, around 200 people had joined the Indian National Army.

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Excessive bleeding lead to untimely death of a mother who had just delivered.

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