The Mysterious Case of Sukhni Devi’s Pension

Economic development and better health care facilities have increased the life expectancy of most Indians. For those who make it past the age of 60, life becomes increasingly difficult, more so when they have no way to sustain themselves. So far the Government of India provides pension benefits to only some parts of the population-- those living below the poverty line. But in many case, like the one here, the intended beneficiaries do not get access to the pension meant for them. Sukhni Devi is 70, her husband Bhuneshwar Bhuiyan is 75. Both live alone in Jorhat village, Palamu District, Jharkhand. Sukhni Devi has for some time now lost the use of both her legs. This also makes her eligible for the Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme(IGNDPS) in addition to the old age pension. For the past three years they haven't received a penny of either. Community Correspondent, Anil Gudia who filmed this video suspects there is some amount of corruption involved in the case. "Two agents along with the village council have declared them dead, which is why they haven't received their pension", he says. Call to action: Please call the Civic administration of Palamu District on 07549509430 and ask him to ensure that the couple receive their pensions immediately.  

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