Corruption in Health center: Midwives made to pay INR 7000

Cases, where the common man has to pay bribes to get work done, is not uncommon in India. Here Community Correspondent Anul Guria documents testimonies of corruption that occurred at the Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Chainpur Block of Palamau district, Jharkhand.

PHC's are state-owned rural health care facilities in India. Every month the midwives who work at the Primary health centre get Rs.10, 000 to keep the centre clean and buy necessary commodities. But in this Jharkhand PHC, as soon as midwives receive this money, Nileshwar Singh (husband of Artima Devi, a co-worker) takes Rs.7,000 from these midwives lying that he needs it to arrange training and meetings in the meeting hall. As a result, the hygiene of the PHC surroundings is being compromised.

Through this video, Anul is demanding for strict actions to be taken to ensure that the money cheated out of these midwives is returned to them.

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