January 2014

A Nightmare For Slum Dwellers

/ January 31, 2014

A public-private partnership plans to demolish slums and put the residents in buildings on part of the land. But there is a catch-

Plight of the Landless Poor

/ January 31, 2014

‘I told the Village Head to give us a piece of land or a house to stay but he did not listen to us. In...

“I will not leave the land even if I die”

/ January 30, 2014

Fakirs, Adivasis and Banjaras, the three tribal communities have been living on forest land in Aunda village of Hingoli district, Maharashtra. Most people are farmers...

A Land to Call Our Own

/ January 30, 2014

Across India, farmers are fighting for their lands and rights. Despite their struggles all they get is harassment, torture and humiliation by the Government officials....

Guaranteeing Employment

/ January 29, 2014

Community correspondent Krupakar reports the story of a Sadashiv Thakrey who has not been given a MGNREGA job card due to which he along with...

Community Demands Action

/ January 28, 2014

‘ There are many families like Renu Devi who have been denied a BPL card just like that. If they don’t get the support that...

Unpaid Wages

/ January 27, 2014

Central government has insisted that MGNREGA wages be paid exclusively through savings accounts opened for workers in nearby banks and post offices as a solution...