“I will not leave the land even if I die”

Fakirs, Adivasis and Banjaras, the three tribal communities have been living on forest land in Aunda village of Hingoli district, Maharashtra. Most people are farmers and earn two meals a day by cultivating seasonal crops. Since last few years, they are being harassed by the Forest department officials on account of encroachment. They are trying to evict the tribal communities from the land, which is right fully theirs according to the Forest Rights Act 2005. When the communities shifted to this land, almost 90 years back, the land was barren and infertile. Now after generations of them have developed the land and are able to maintain a self sustainable environment, the Forest department wants to evict them. The state is forcefully evicting these tribal communities from their land with unconstitutional methods. Cases have been filled against the villagers for encroaching and have been sent to jails for few months. Few of them have also paid money as fine to the Forest department for which they have receipts. One of the residents has a document proof dated 1970 with supporting evidence and eye witnesses. Yet, the officials have rejected all their pleas. Our CC Radhika is dealing with intricacies of the matter and turning all the stones in order to resolve this issue. Stay tuned for updates on the matter.    

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Mumbai Witnessing Forced Evictions and Demolitions Repeatedly

/ May 20, 2022

The slum dwellers of Pestom Sagar Area, Chembur, Mumbai have developed some really thick resilience. Their slums have been tossed and toppled away so many times that their bitterness is turning to rage now.

Long Live ASHA workers! ASHA Worker in Murena, Madhya Pradesh Dies on Duty

/ May 19, 2022

The ASHA workers are instituted by the ‘ National Rural Health Mission.’ They are at the bottom of the pyramid - the interface between the community and Indian Public Health Delivery System, the first point of contact for millions of Indians to health care.

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