June 2012

Children boycott food from Dalit mid-day cooks

/ June 29, 2012

The state had passed the rule that only Dalits would be appointed as mid-day meal cooks. This caused an uproar among ‘upper caste’ communities everywhere and their children began to boycott the food. The state responded by softening the rule, replacing the words ‘compulsory appointment’ with ‘preference will be given’...

The Sorrow of the Circus

/ June 27, 2012

Future of the Great Indian Circus looks Bleak

Wham Bam! Traffic Jam!

/ June 26, 2012

The streets of Karauli, Rajasthan can’t handle its truck traffic anymore.

Jharkhand Tribal Go Missing on PDS List

/ June 25, 2012

Negligence of ward members increase difficulties for BPL families in Simdega.

The Dust Damned Villages of Jharkhand

/ June 22, 2012

Heavy trucks, bad roads choke life in Ramghar district.