Jharkhand Tribal Go Missing on PDS List

Negligence of ward members increase difficulties for BPL families in Simdega.

In Simdega district of Jharkhard, BPL families are deprived of their rations because of a corrupt PDS system. Inhabitants of Simdega are suffering as they have not been assigned ration cards, instrumental to their access to the Public Distribution System in India. They live in darkness as they have no electricity and no kerosene either. The BPL ration cards are issued by the government to allow the holder to obtain food and other commodities and to provide subsidised food to those on low incomes, but here in Ramjari village there are still 55 families who do not have ration stamps and BPL cards. They face a lot of difficulties.

It has been proved that these families are living below the poverty line, which means their income is less than one dollar per day, and yet they are still not being assigned ration cards. Having a ration card does not account for other essentials such as health care and education; it is merely to enable the survival of the poorest members of society. If it is withheld, what option do these people have?

These families didn’t get their BPL and ration cards because of the improper surveys that slothful ward members had conducted. Instead of doing house to house survey, they simply did a selective survey and hence not everyone was included.

Warlus asks people who are watching this video to call Amar Jhon Aind on 09835363051 to pressurize the Block development Office, Kolebera to take action on this issue and ensure that the needy families are awarded their ration cards.

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