Teachers in Jharkhand Breathe a Sigh of Relief

On 8th May, 2012 IndiaUnheard published a video by Community Correspondent Chunnu Hansda titled 'All Work and No Pay for Jharkhand Teachers' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7CNNSDxd_Qin) which two teachers, Pusha Hansda and Ramdev Soren, spoke about how they have been teaching the children and managing the affairs at a local school for over 4 years, without ever being paid. They spoke of their struggle to educate the children and make ends meet.

The powerful video ended with a call-to-action by Chunnu to the viewers to call up the District Magistrate of Hazaribagh and ask him to look into the matter without further delay. The video was brought to the attention of Social Action Platform Change.org who drafted an online public petition requesting the DM of Hazaribagh to pay the teachers.

Over 4000 people signed the petitions. Many called up the DM's office and persisted until he himself decided to look into the matter personally. After over a month of struggle, Pushpa and Ramdev, were recognized and compensated for their selfless dedication to the school and the children.

About the Video: Puspa Hansda and Ramdev Soren thank everyone who supported them in their struggle. They thank the thousands of people who listened to their story, sympathized with them, signed the petition and fought for them.

They thank the people at change.org who gave their voice a public platform and the District Magistrate of Hazaribagh, Mr. Manish Ranjan who made the effort to understand their hardships and helped to bring about change.

The Impact: Puspa and Ramdev have received the pays due for 18 months amounting to INR 90,000 after community correspondent Chunnu Hansda strive hard to create an impact in his community.

Watch out for the impact video soon.

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