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Muslim Social Worker Helps A Hindu Woman In Her Pregnancy During Lockdown | COVID-19


Video Volunteers community correspondent Yashodhara Salve reports from Shivajinagar, Mumbai about a heartwarming story of a Muslim social worker Shabana Ansari helping Pooja Misra deliver a baby.

When the lockdown was announced, no one was prepared to deal with it. With an increasing rate of infections and deaths, people were scared and did not want to visit hospitals. Rumours were rife that healthy people would be declared COVID positive and they would not be able to see their relatives again.

Pooja was in her last month of pregnancy and she did not have her husband near her. When Shabana took Pooja to the hospital, they refused admission as Shabana was not related to her. Moreover, the hospital authorities said that she is a Muslim and would run away after getting Pooja admitted.

After much persuasion and seeing Pooja's worsening condition she was admitted and delivered a healthy baby.

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