Community Correspondents

Shankarlal Raikwar

Shankarlal Raikwar belongs to a community that dances at festivals and carnivals for a living; he is also a farmer and a Community Correspondent. Shankarlal is an expert in performing feminine roles especially from mythological texts like the Mahabharata. He is proud of his art but unfortunately it makes him a point of ridicule in society. He is also worried about getting older, and about the ridicule his children may face as other children learn of his dancing profession. He looks at IndiaUnheard as a new beginning, a platform that he intends to use to spotlight the issues of marginalized and ostracized communities like the one he belongs to.

Videos from Shankarlal

School management committee in Action!

/ May 11, 2015

Chhilla Village, Lalitpur District, Uttar Pradesh | Shankarlal Raikwar Indifference from school administration, Village Head and the School Management Committee that consists of parents, has resulted in unhygienic food being served at this government primary school. Children often find worms in their food or find that it is rotten. In...

Uttar Pradesh Government Forgets Flood Survivors

/ March 17, 2014

‘Stories from those who live it’ is tag line that we often use to describe the work of our Community Correspondents. Today’s story is one of those unfortunate tales– nature’s wrath combined with the government’s haphazard plans and those caught in the middle are people, just like you and me,...

Children boycott food from Dalit mid-day cooks

/ June 29, 2012

The state had passed the rule that only Dalits would be appointed as mid-day meal cooks. This caused an uproar among ‘upper caste’ communities everywhere and their children began to boycott the food. The state responded by softening the rule, replacing the words ‘compulsory appointment’ with ‘preference will be given’...