The School Where Dreams Die

Bags on their back, freshly combed hair, a skip in their step, the students at the Jariya Primary School walked into the compound in ones and twos. But to their dismay it was a holiday, again. Community Correspondent, Shankarlal Raykwar reports from this school that the officially appointed teacher in charge of taking classes here has been absconding for the last few months. The headmaster who runs the school is also prone to often pulling a disappearing act. Leaving day to day administration in a lurch. The teaching responsibility of 5 grades has fallen upon a para-teacher, Ms Mamta Gupta. Despite her best efforts, she cannot handle the workload. Chaos reigns supreme. With schools like this, it is little wonder that Uttar Pradesh has one of the lowest literacy rates in the country—70%. "The future of these children seems grim unless positive steps are taken to keep a check on such errant teachers", says Shankarlal.
No Cards

Transgender India: Surviving society

/ February 22, 2020

This week in India Loud & Clear we take you in the rainbow world of transgenders.

Impact Story

Celebrations! A tribal Village is Open defection Free now.

/ February 19, 2020

Applauds for our Community Corresspondent Satya Banchor! He acted as a strong catalyst in bringing about this change in the lives of the poor tribals. 

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