Community Correspondents

Sarwat Naqvi

Armed with a degree in law, Sarwat Naqvi stepped out from behind the cloak of invisibility he and his Shia Mulsim minority community in Chhattisgarh suffered from to lobby and advocate for the protection and advancement of human rights in marginalized communities. His video, ‘Homosexuals Seek an Identity’, on gay and lesbians in his community compelled members to form a support group. As an IndiaUnheard Community Correspondent, Sarwat is well on his way to developing a platform to voice the unseen and unheard issues of his community.

Videos from Sarwat

Dirty Picture Of Chattisgarh’s Ponds

/ December 22, 2011

As conditions of village ponds worsen in Sehlud, Chhattisgarh, efforts are on to revive them.

Arrested For Saying No to Mining

/ September 8, 2011

In Raigarh, Chattisgarh, the community protests the arrest of two non-violent environmental activists.

Impacting the LGBT Community in Raipur

/ August 2, 2011

The screening of an IndiaUnheard video about LGBT issues in Raipur inspires change.

Binayak Sen On IndiaUnheard

/ July 29, 2011

Our Community Correspondent, Sarwat Naqvi, talks to recently released human rights activist Binayak Sen.

Eco-Friendly Bricks From Fly Ash

/ June 27, 2011

Fly ash bricks are a solution to recycle this environmentally harmful by-product of power plants.

Success Of Midday Meal Scheme

/ June 16, 2011

The provision of a free midday meal in a Raipur primary school has greatly improved school attendance and child nutrition.

Trade Agreement Puts HIV-AIDS Patients At Risk

/ May 11, 2011

EU-India agreement may prevent the production of generic, affordable antiretroviral treatment.

IndiaUnheard Helps The Gay Community To Organize

/ April 25, 2011

Sarwat’s video on homosexuality made a first step for change in the gay community in Raipur.