A stream running dry: Locals denied compensation for land acquisition

326 families in rural Madhya Pradesh haven’t been compensated for their lands acquired by the government  about three decades ago. The land was used for a dam project, which is not in a functioning state either. The project that was supposed to empower them, has robbed them of everything they possessed. VV-PACS Community Correspondent Saroj Paraste reports from Saroli village in Madhya Pradesh on the plight of the residents and brings forward their demands.
CALL FOR ACTION: You can call Rajesh Kaushik at + 91-9424315144, District Collector in Jabalpur district, to help these locals get reasonable compensation for their lost land.
It is somehow deemed a reasonable argument that development comes at a cost, without noticing that the cost is often paid by the poorest of the poor. In Saroli village, to build a dam in 1985, the government acquired lands of local farmers. Assuring them to compensate by paying for the land acquired and better farming conditions with the water supply from the canal. Today, about 30 years later, the farmers remain uncompensated and the dam without functioning. The prices of 1985 are utterly useless to the locals today, thanks to the inflation brought by a globalised economy. 

About the VV-Bloomberg Project: This video is a part of a special collaboration between Video Volunteers, a leading community media organization & Bloomberg, which is the premier source for global business and financial information. During this special mentoring project, five Bloomberg reporters became coaches to twelve of VV's IndiaUnheard Community Correspondents to help them produce videos on a variety of social issues. This is a one of its kind project where Bloomberg coaches, who have several years of experience working in mainstream media will share their expertise with trained grassroots journalists currently working to highlight the stories of their media dark villages. Each side will get refreshing new perspectives making for stronger journalism.

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