Veterinary Hospital without a Doctor

Veterinary Hospital without a Doctor!

It has been one year since a veterinary hospital has been constructed in Madhya Pradesh. Despite doctors being posted for the job, this vacancy is not being filled. As a result, the residents of the area are not being able to get proper treatment for their animals.

This video has significant importance when viewed in the context of the fact that Madhya Pradesh government was set to create 1,722 posts in the veterinary department during the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17) as per a news report on webindia123.

The story of Padariya village proves that despite posts being created, they are being left unfilled. The residents also share that when animals fall sick in the village, doctors have to come from as far as 17 km away.Due to this situation, 5 animals have died within a year.

Community Correspondent Sangeeta Thakur appeals to the viewers to call the concerned Block Veterinary Health Officer, Dr.N K Tiwari on 8305725705 and pressurize him to take essential action to appoint service providers in this hospital.

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