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Navita Devi

Navita Devi

Navita is aVV-PACS Correspondent from Katihar district in Bihar on the eastern border of India. She has worked with the National Confederation of Dalit Organisations, working towards spreading awareness amongst the Dalit community on issues like access to livelihoods under the government’s Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Katihar is a district plagued by low literacy rates and an abysmal sex ratio. Navita wants to focus her advocacy efforts to bring better lives to her peopleby bringing them access to facilities like education, healthcare and infrastructure.

Videos from Navita

MNREGA: 80 labourers, 20 days of work, no payment

/ November 7, 2014

Our VV-PACS Community Correspondent, Navita Devi, reports from Ahimachak village, in Bagicha Tola of Katihar district in Bihar, on how the village’s labourers are still awaiting compensation under M.N.R.E.G.A eight months after completion of the work allotted to them. Spokespersons for the affected community say that such irregularities are just...

Failure of Total Sanitation Campaign in Bihar

/ September 26, 2014

As per Water Aid’s latest survey report, Bihar needs to build 6,900 toilets a day to keep promise of total sanitation. VV-PACS Community Correspondent Navita Devi from Katihar district, Bihar reports on the failure of the scheme in Gandhigram village. Toilets have been built but the villagers haven’t received any...

Old Problem: Old Age Pension

/ May 16, 2014

The Indian Government’s National Pension System is an on going saga of another ineffective government policy. One example is Pramila Devi in Ahimachak village, Katihar district, Bihar who is not receiving her right to old age pension.   VV PACS Community Correspondent Navita Devi interviews the 70 year old pensioner...

The Miracle School

/ March 3, 2014

Our videos on the Right to Education in India have uncovered a number of schools in the most abysmal of conditions. Often the very people running them are the root of the issue. Today’s video is different. It is the story of a school that is running against all odds,...

Survived a Flood, Got Run Over and Still no Compensation in Sight

/ February 26, 2014

VV-PACS Correspondent Navita reports the chilling story of a family of a nine who survived the Bihar floods of 2013 only to be run over by a vehicle. 2 months after the accident they are still seeking financial aid. Bihar is one of the most flood prone states in India....

Poor Identification Of The ‘Poor’

/ February 17, 2014

About 160 families living in Chotibhesdira village, Katihar district, Bihar have not received their Below Poverty Line cards. VV-PACS Community Correspondent Navita from Katihar, Bihar reports on the condition of this community. “People who have tractors and land, they are getting Below poverty line cards & people who don’t even...