Community Correspondents

Mamta Patra


Mamta Patra is an NGO founder and a Community Correspondent.

As a child, Mamta saw her father arrested by police on a fake case. This early experience set the direction for her life, which she has since dedicated to fighting inequality and corruption. Due to the injustice to her family, Mamta has familiarised herself with the laws which are meant to afford the people of her community their rights and privileges. She uses this knowledge in her videos as a means to expose injustice and create change.

Hailing from a farming community in Sambalpur district in Odisha, Mamta has an innate understanding of the implications of issues farmers are facing today. In one of her videos she reveals that despite the allocation of 8 lakh rupees to the West Odisha Development Council (WODC) for the purposes of building an irrigation system, this money was never spent. The result was three years drought:

“I depend on agriculture. It is my only livelihood. Its failure ruins us,” says one of her interviewees.

This commitment to the integrity of small income earners and producers is revealed in a range of Mamta’s videos, including those on farmer suicide, withholding of labourers wages under the MNREGA Employment Act, and the threat of development to agrarian livelihoods. Mamta also takes on caste and gender issues in her videos, which she argues are human rights issues. These include the brutalization and displacement of a Dalit family,“It is a fundamental right guaranteed by our constitution to every citizen to reside in any part of the country and to practice any profession. But this has been violated,” states Mamta.

Her commitment to human rights is furthermore revealed in her video on a woman whose First Information Report (FIR) is refused by police after she is brutally beaten by her in-laws. “If they come to take my son, I will never give him,” says the woman who has been assaulted. In this video, as in others, Mamta succeeds not only in exposing the injustice of this woman’s situation, but she also manages what so many documentarians work hard to achieve – an immediate connection between the subject and the viewer.

Among the other lived realities which Mamta urges the public to demand justice, are those of a small town in Kudi District, Odisha, where 20 percent of the town's population has died of kidney disease. Mamta takes us on a journey where we meet town members afflicted with the disease, as well as the visiting doctor. “Earlier soil and water test has happened but the report was negative. We doubt its result," she says.

While the mainstream media is just watching and does not, or will not, report on the lives of India’s most disadvantaged, Mamta and her grassroots counterparts turn on their cameras and demand that we pay attention. It is with this intention that she founded the NGO Kosjit Vikas Sangathan, and that she continues her work as a Community Correspondent of Video Volunteers.

Videos from Mamta

Community Demands Medical Facilities in Odisha

/ March 27, 2014

One look at the sub-health centre of Bada Hindola village and one would know that it has been engulfed by nature. While a beautiful sight in spring, when plants blossom on the roof and the environment almost transcends into magic, the people from 5 villages who depend on this sub-health...

Rocky Road Blues

/ March 18, 2014

Thirty years ago the road connecting Badamal Panchayat to the rest of Sambalpur District in Odisha was built and greeted with a huge sigh of relief. They would now not remain stuck in the little hamlet and others would be able to come visit them. Their hopes and the road...

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

/ March 11, 2014

If you don’t want the wolf to grow, don’t feed it. Community Correspondent Mamta Patra brings us a positive story documenting a communities efforts to get better sanitation facilities from Redhakol Block. The community of Kuhi village are very happy with the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (Total Sanitation Campaign). They received...

We Lost our Toilets to Corruption

/ March 10, 2014

The Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan or what was once called the ‘Total Sanitation Campaign’ run by the Government of India envisions villages and semi urban areas with “healthy and clean surroundings.” Providing funds for the construction of toilets is one of its major functions. An otherwise great initiative, it has collapsed...