Community Demands Medical Facilities in Odisha

One look at the sub-health centre of Bada Hindola village and one would know that it has been engulfed by nature. While a beautiful sight in spring, when plants blossom on the roof and the environment almost transcends into magic, the people from 5 villages who depend on this sub-health centre for their needs would have surely preferred to see a doctor or medicines instead.

The sub-health centre of Bada Hindola village, Redhakol block of Odisha was inaugurated 20 years back. It has been in a dilapidated condition for last 10 years because the building is locked and abandoned. The Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) is absent from this centre. The Department of Health (Government of Odisha) is least concerned about the community being deprived of basic and emergency health care.

Community correspondent Mamta Patra interviewed the community and asked them about the kind of problems that arise due to the lack of such facilities.

“We are facing a lot of problems. See this baby girl, she was given half a vial of injection. The remaining half could have been easily stored and kept in a fridge. But this could not be done. Had the health worker been here, she could have done it. In case of head injuries or in some other cases injuries from an iron object, one needs a tetanus shot. Had the centre been functional, one could have got it easily. This is vital in case of child care. Those who know this is essential, they have to go far for this shot. Those who are ignorant of this are the ones who stay and suffer.”

The absence of an ANM at this sub-centre denies these people access to adequate health care.

Call To Action: Please call, Rabi Narayan Sahoo, In-charge, Community Health Centre, Bada Hindola, Sambalpur District, Odisha at +91-9439986098 and demand for the regular presence of a health worker in Bada Hindola Center.

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