VV Correspondent Joins Hands With ‘Super Moms’ To Provide Relief to Bangalore Transgenders


Video Volunteers Community Correspondent Christy Raj has been working to provide relief to people affected by COVID-19. In his latest initiative, he arranged for ration kits, masks, and sanitizers for Bangalore's transgender community.

"I am really honored that Christy Raj reached out to Super Moms of India and asked for our help. And I am very proud to say that we contributed to their cause in a little way. I was really surprised about the plight of transgenders in India and didn't realize it was so tough," said Moya, the founder of Super Moms.

In their donation drives, they raised funds to distribute a total of 137 ration bags in two phases. The relief material also had masks and sanitizers. Adverse weather conditions due to the Tauktae cyclone made it difficult to reach the community but Christy and the team continued their work.

During the lockdown imposed in 2020, we had seen a similar situation where transgenders from Uttar Pradesh did not have enough money for daily essentials and were helped by our CC Gayatri Ambedkar.

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