Deliberately Delaying the Supply of Rations

The students of Government Primary School of Bhodiyapani village, Tamia block, Chhindwara district, Madhya Pradesh were given a paste of salt and chilli with flatbread in the name of food for two consecutive days. The teachers and students speak about the quality of mid day meals being provided. VV-PACS Correspondent Anita Dhurve reports. The president and secretary of the school is not providing adequate ration for the meals to be cooked. He gets all the ration from the government but does not supply it to the school. For example, out of 12 kgs of rice that the government gives, he only gives 8kgs for all the requirements. Children are often fed a version of kheer (a mixture of milk, rice and dry fruits) which is sweetened with sugar, and has none of the other ingredients like dry fruits. The cooks have to make do with the limited quantity of ration. Neetu Bhalabi, a staff member from the school speaks of how the rations are supplied in inadequate installments and even then, not all the commodities are included. CC Anita made this video to highlight how the president and the secretary of the Saraswati self help group is deliberately delaying the supply of rations for preparing mid day meals for the primary school students. She requests the viewers to call the Block Education Officer at +91-9407860719 and pressurize him to take action so that the students can benefit from the mid day meal scheme implemented by the government to augment nutritional needs of the children. About the Partnership: The Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) Programme and Video Volunteers have come together to create the Community Correspondents Network. The videos generated by the network will be able to highlight voices from the margins, providing skills to social communicators to provide advocacy tools to community based organisations.

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