Sewage Floods in Monsoon

 In Assam, roads and drains get flooded every year during the rains.
The monsoon season in Assam lasts from March till September. During these seven months, cities like Silchar in Cochar district face continuous flooding. Today our Community Correspondent Ajit Singh shows us how this flooding affects his town of Silchar in Cachar District.
Though Silchar is the second busiest area in Assam after Guwahati, it lacks adequate infrastructure to support its residents’ needs.  For years on end, the municipality has not bothered to build a proper drainage system. Ajit Singh mentions that while some areas of the town have drainage pipes, there are others where none are to be found. Because of this haphazard nature of work, sewage water leaks out onto roads and alleyways, leaving the town reeking. Not only this, but there are not enough garbage bins in the town either. Thus, people throw their garbage wherever they find open spaces. This trash then blocks up drainage lines, causing floods even when there is the slightest rain fall. Ajit moved to Silchar in 2001. He believes that over the years, the flooding situation has only worsened. It has also had negative consequences for the town’s economy; customers do not enter many shops as open drains lie water logged near their entrances. Many townspeople also fall sick during this season, and get harmful boils on their soles as a result of wading through the dirty water. Silchar is a fast growing town, both in terms of population and economy. However, problems like bad infrastructure are a serious hamper to its development. “As a responsible citizen of Silchar, I am making an appeal to the government not to turn a blind eye to our problems. It is very important,” says Ajit, “that our infrastructure is strengthened as soon as possible. Otherwise, the people of Silchar shall face even more problems, and will not be able to live a healthy life and prosperous life.” -Rajyashri Goody

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