Community Correspondents

Gyanti KUmari

Gyanti is aVV-PACS Correspondentfrom Siwan district in Bihar. She had worked as a Tola worker in her village, where she raised awareness on cleanliness and hygiene among people. For the past year, she has been associated with the MusaharVikasManchan organization that works for the social inclusion of the Musahar community of Bihar. She wants to focus her work on bringing rights to communities like Musahars and Dalitswho continue to face marginalization in every aspect of their lives. She believes that the mainstream media does not cover most of the stories related to them and wants to create her own to share with the world.

Videos from Gyanti

Corrupted Dreams

/ March 18, 2014

Pushpa Devi wanted a house. She had dreams of raising her children in a proper house in contrast to a bamboo hut that barely protects them from even the minutest of a hitch. Her dreams took her way from the shadows of a house beyond to the lucidness of a...