June 2010

Pay Bribe, Take Education

/ June 30, 2010

Jharkhand suffers from an acute shortage of ethical, quality and committed teachers.

Tamil’s Transgender Community

/ June 29, 2010

Indian society has a 4000-year history of pushing its male to female transgender community into becoming Hijra.

Matrimonial Songs Missing

/ June 28, 2010

The once widespread Hindu tradition of singing songs to celebrate a wedding is in danger of disappearing.

Sand Wars Continued

/ June 25, 2010

Organized mafia groups control much of Uttar Pradesh’s economic and commercial activities.

Education Miles Away

/ June 24, 2010

Realizing the Right to Education will be a large challenge in the Northeast.

The Lost Childhood

/ June 23, 2010

Despite provisions prohibiting child labor in India, it has the highest number of child workers in the world.

“Bon” Religion Thrives in India

/ June 22, 2010

Bon monastery  in Himachl Pradesh

Transgender ManBreaks Silence

/ June 21, 2010

Transsexuals and intersex individuals face significant challenges in India