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Social Media Ambassador For Change

/ April 8, 2013

Promotion Share link to job on VV social media platforms Post job announcement on job/volunteering sites Ask like-minded individuals/orgs to send out to their networks Send to universities with journalism, non-profit management, communications, community media etc. programs—ask professors and administrators to help spread the word Send to the 10,000 people...

Wanted Video Volunteers Social Media Ambassadors

/ April 8, 2013

You believe that the right words can get people to listen. You believe that the right voice can get people to act. You think of social media as a platform that collapses borders and unites people. You believe you have the power to inform and transform society. You are a...

Alcohol Addiction Consumes Daily Wages

/ February 22, 2012

Women of Mughalpura, Haryana speak out against husbands’ alcohol addiction.

Say No to Plastic!

/ October 10, 2011

People of Rajasthan openly flout the ban on plastic.

Chhattisgarhis Want Alcohol Banned

/ April 6, 2011

Alcohol is one of the main social evils in Chhattisgarh, but government is reluctant to let go of the tax revenue.

Drug Traps Lucknow Youth

/ March 16, 2011

Poor and uneducated youths of Lucknow fall prey to drug addiction as illegal drug sale thrives in the city.

Liquor Sans Bill Strategy To Kill?

/ October 6, 2010

Adulterated alcohol kills hundreds in India every year. This video highlights one of the reasons why it happens: Shops sell alcohol without a bill.