Social Media Ambassador For Change


  • Share link to job on VV social media platforms
  • Post job announcement on job/volunteering sites
  • Ask like-minded individuals/orgs to send out to their networks
  • Send to universities with journalism, non-profit management, communications, community media etc. programs—ask professors and administrators to help spread the word
  • Send to the 10,000 people in the VV network ** or as a link with the upcoming newsletter.
  • This should be advertised as a “job”—so on that part of the site.

Organizing Volunteers

  • I think everything should be done via Facebook—that will be where they will see the videos as well as get instructions via a facebookvolunteer group page
  • After identifying the volunteers we need to organize a skype training to go over the requirements etc…this should also be put in writing and posted on the fb site.  Here we can explain what’s in it for them.
  • This will, of course, mean more work for VV because it will mean managing the volunteers by posting on the group page and on occasion giving special instructions.
  • Examples of special instructions may include asking a question and asking volunteers to post the video with their answer to the question or saying something verbatim or asking their audience a specific Q when they post the video.
  • Social ambassadors may be called upon to share other non-video posts…for example a post about the new website.
  • If everything is done via FB then we can keep track of the metrics—see how many times the video is shared etc.


  • Ambassadors will work with VV for a minimum of 6 months but ideally long-term.
  • After successful completion, they will have social media marketing experience that they can put on their resumes.  Exceptional volunteers may be eligible for recommendations from VV