A whole family may die if the roof collapses

“Because if kids sleep inside, they may get crushed and die if the roof collapses.  Last time when it rained, a roof collapsed injuring a person on the head.”  This is the current situation in Chatrutand village where 250 residents are living in dilapidated housing.  The Indira Awaas Scheme is meant to provide financial support to these people to construct and repair their homes.  But officials in this village are turning a blind eye.


Call to Action:  Make them see reality as it is.  Make them act and prevent any future accidents happening in this village NOW.  Call the Block Development Officer, Baghmara, Tel: +919471191628

 VV-Correspondent Bharti Kumari reports from Chatrutand village, Baghmara block Dhanbad district, Jharkhand.  Pedki Devi’s house like 17 other houses in the village was constructed under the Indira Awaas Scheme 20 years ago.  However due to bad material usage and lack of maintenance the houses are in a terrible condition.  Walls are developing cracks and roofs are crumbling apart. During monsoon, when people should be sleeping inside protected from the rains, residents here resort to sleeping outside, afraid the house will collapse on them during the night. 

 “Water comes in from here.  Wherever there is a crack, water comes in.  All these spots and patches are made by water.” 

 Pedki Devi informed our Correspondent that if one roof comes down, the whole family could die.  Residents have asked for their homes to be repaired but officials in charge do not listen to them. 

 This is why we need your help.  Call the number above and request the Block Development Officer to repair all the houses in this village NOW.  Your contribution helps and does bring positive change in these communities.  Call NOW!


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Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu


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