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Land Rights Wronged!

/ March 7, 2017

Over 60% of India’s population depends on agricultural land to sustain themselves. At an average one hectare of land supports five people. For large parts...

Bringing News From Media-Dark Districts of India

/ March 8, 2017

Video Volunteers is India’s only reporting network that is focused exclusively on providing broad coverage for the poorest, most media-dark districts in India.

SUCCESS: Students get their due scholarships

/ February 22, 2016

Within a month of making a video on problems faced by children who hadn’t received their scholarship in two years, the money was received and...

Open Sewers of Ghatkopar

/ February 18, 2016

People keep falling in the open sewers and end up getting wounded at Nalanda Nagar, Ghatkopar. The residing community is afraid for their children who...

150 families in danger: rock blasting 30 feet away

/ January 18, 2016

150 families hide inside their homes as rocks are blasted barely 30 feet away from their village. Government regulations, which dictate at least a 500-meter...

IMPACT: MGNREGA workers received dues after 6 months

/ January 14, 2016

9 people hadn’t been paid for 100 days of work done under MGNREGA. 6 months later, they finally received their dues – with the help...