Digital Inclusion

Fighting for Change: The Story of Bihar-Based Journalist Amir Abbas

/ March 23, 2023

  Inspiration can come from many sources, but one of the most powerful is seeing someone walk the path before you. Our Community Correspondent, Syed Amir Abbas found his inspiration in Stalin K., the founding director of Video Volunteers. “I met Stalin at VV’s national meet in 2017 and I...

Impact Story

IMPACT | 35 Families from Nandurbar, Maharashtra Receive Ration After One Year

/ July 17, 2020

Digitisation of ration cards meant 35 families of Mahrashtra's Nandurbar district had no ration for one year.

Innovation Agent: Jessica Mayberry, Founder of Video Volunteers

/ October 26, 2010

The following article,  by Lydia Dishman, was published in the October-‘2010 issue of Fast Company magazine – the International business publication. We are re-publishing the content  from the original article. Imagine giving a village full of people who have never seen a film, barely ever watched television, much less have access to...

Video Volunteers honored in Japan by Junior Chamber International

/ September 22, 2010

This is a post by Jessica Mayberry, the Founding Director of Video Volunteers, who was recently honored as an ‘Outstanding Young Leader’ by Junior Chamber International, Japan. Ms Mayberry traveled to Japan to accept the award. In this blog she recollects the event and her experience. I am writing from...

The Fascinating Innovators of Brazil Community Arts and Culture

/ December 14, 2009

– Jessica Mayberry During our month in Brazil working on our new project, my partner Stalin and I met with more than a dozen different community media groups. Every meeting was too short, with us starting off by explaining why we had called them and explaining our work, and...

Community media in Brazil – first impressions

/ December 14, 2009

– Jessica Maberry A mural in the favela made by local residents associated with the community arts organization CEDECA in Grajau, Sao Paulo. Political and social graffiti is everywhere in Sao Paulo, and making it keeps kids out of crime. Almost undoubtedly, Brazil is the country in the world with...

When a Small Organization Works in a New Country

/ December 14, 2009

– Jessica Mayberry For Video Volunteers, starting a project in a new country (Brazil, where we have just started a program focused on video as a way for young people from favelas to earn a living) has been a really interesting but also challenging process. When I started VV in...

Mobile Phones and Community Empowerment

/ October 9, 2009

Image from Alamy via the Economist. Both the NY Times and the Economist reported last month that mobile phones are aiding development in fascinating new ways. Just to name a few: The Grameen Foundation‘s phone app helps rural Ugandan farmers track crop diseases before they spread, sending digital photos and...