Digital Inclusion

Community-Owned Media: What Does It Mean?

/ December 24, 2008

Many people today who work in social change are convinced that the typical ‘top down’ approach to development, where bureaucrats and international agencies design large-scale social programs and then impose them on millions of poor people, isn’t working. Instead, they favor the idea of ‘community-led development’, in which communities themselves...

The Challenge of Bringing Net Access to Poorest Areas

/ November 3, 2008

This week, I’ve given a lot of thought to how poor communities on the other side of the digital divide are able to connect. The Internet is now only accessible for a tiny portion of humanity. Probably less than 20% of humanity has regular internet access, and in rural India,...

Fun and Physical Space: Two CVU Videos on Urban Recreation

/ September 30, 2008

Ruchika writes: Festivals in India are one of a kind!... ...especially if you can find a balance between fun and physical space to enjoy the celebrations!

Is a CNN For the Base of the Pyramid Possible?

/ August 4, 2008

When we and our NGO partners initiate community members–young men and women from the slums and villages of India–into their new full-time jobs as ‘Community Video Producers,’ we often start the training sessions by drawing a triangle on the board. ‘This pyramid,’ the Video Trainer says, ‘represents the global media.’...

CVUs on Nickelodeon

/ December 9, 2007

Community Producer Neeru was featured on October 21st on Nickelodeon, in a special about Dalit kids. Read about it here. Neeru, shown here filling out a feedback form at a screening of a community video unit, is one of the all-Dalit community Producers working at Navsarjan’s CVU. Written by Jessica...