Communication Technology in Rural Areas

Fighting for Change: The Story of Bihar-Based Journalist Amir Abbas

/ March 23, 2023

  Inspiration can come from many sources, but one of the most powerful is seeing someone walk the path before you. Our Community Correspondent, Syed Amir Abbas found his inspiration in Stalin K., the founding director of Video Volunteers. “I met Stalin at VV’s national meet in 2017 and I...

‘Without Smartphones, How Do We Book Our Slot for COVID 19 Vaccine?’

/ June 9, 2021

People in rural India are not e-literate enough to book their online vaccine registration slots themselves. But the government expects them to.

Watching The Watchmen:Community Correspondent Mani Manickem on Media, Corruption, Caste and The Politics of Science

/ November 2, 2011

M. Mani is a dalit activist, a budding scientist, a social worker, a community journalist, a teacher, the host of a weekly live tele-quiz science on Tamizh channel Makkal TV and the IndiaUnheard Community Correspondent from Chennai. With his family, he lives in Chennai’s Nallambakkam slum which borders a very...

3rd IndiaUnheard Training Camp: Leaps of Faith

/ October 17, 2011

Jackie Sawiris is a half Jordanian, half Egyptian, Libyan-born, American-raised, Jordan-based writer, filmmaker, and actor. She discovered how truly powerful film can be when she initiated objecDEFY Harassment, an Arab world-based, self-perpetuating initiative that empowers people of all gender identities to combat harassment and regain agency over their bodies and...

Video Volunteers Trainings: The Adivasis of Songadh, Gujarat

/ October 6, 2011

“Even in the age of information overload, it is surprising that so little information is available on the tribals. So many histories- personal, political, oral, visual, gastronomic, medical, linguistic, are tucked away in little pockets of the country. During the Songadh trainings, I realized that these pockets are not the...

Video Volunteers on ViewChange: Local Stories Go Global

/ September 29, 2011

We’re excited that our videos can now be seen on a new platform, called ViewChange. ViewChange is a website created by Link TV, with support from the Gates Foundation, to bring together the best web video related to development issues and the Millennium Development Goals. But it is more than...

3rd IU Training Camp, Day 1: Video + Activism

/ September 26, 2011

“When I joined the IndiaUnheard program, I was a wanderer. My house and community was anywhere where I pursued my activism, where I choose to lay my head for a good night’s sleep,” says community correspondent Ajeet Bahadur. “I used to make my IndiaUnheard videos while travelling from one place...