Another 10 Wait for their Pension

Sewain Tiu has not received her pension for the past 3 years. She and 10 other residents of Dopai Village Panchayat have been running from pillar to post to get the money they are entitled to under the state scheme.

“They had been getting their money through the post office but because of difficulties in accessing it, they were told by the officials to to open new bank accounts under the core banking system”, says Community Correspondent Kamal Kishore Purty who has been helping the women get their pension.

The identity photos have been taken, the money to open the accounts has been paid and the proof of age has been submitted. And yet they wait for their pensions to come through.

Kamal went to the block office as well as to the Social Welfare Department’s office to find out more about what was going on.

“I made the officials type in their old bank account details and they showed up, but there is no trace of their new accounts being set up. The block office says they haven’t received information from the Welfare Department and the Welfare department claims it knows nothing. It’s just inefficiency that is making the elderly of Dopai wait endlessly” he says.

Let’s make the waiting stop.

Call to Action: Please call Mr. Arvind Kumar, District Development Officer, West Singbhum, on 09955423934



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