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Provident funds worth eight years not paid to tea workers in Bengal

/ April 28, 2016

The cup of refreshing morning tea in front of you has a tale of rampant labour exploitation and corruption. The area of North Bengal, where tea cultivation is the primary industry, has been dealing with a gruesome wave of starvation of more than 1.1 million tea-workers due to low or...

Family deprived of government’s welfare schemes

/ April 14, 2016

Geeta Devi, a widow from Uttar Pradesh (UP) village has been left to fend for herself and her family since her husband died last year. Governments, central and state, have both formulated various schemes to give financial assistance to help families that are Below Poverty Line (BPL). However, welfare schemes like...

End this Cruel Cycle of Corruption Today

/ June 25, 2015

25th June, 2015 | Sikkat Village Council, Katihar, Bihar | Reena Devi “What is the point of having a District Magistrate and Collector, when they won’t serve the poor people?,” asks Anil, an irate resident of this village whose residents are being cheated by a corrupt ration dealer. The ration...

Plight of the Landless Poor

/ January 31, 2014

‘I told the Village Head to give us a piece of land or a house to stay but he did not listen to us. In Saizadpur only the wealthy get all benefits not the poor’ says Abdul Karim. ‘I am staying in someone else’s house. We have to face many...

Price Rise Hits Below The Poverty Belt

/ March 28, 2012

 Rampant inflation hits Assam’s underprivileged hardest.

Police Lathis Strike Mumbai Homeless

/ February 24, 2012

Government rolls back on its promises to slum dwellers.