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Social Media Ambassador For Change

/ April 8, 2013

Promotion Share link to job on VV social media platforms Post job announcement on job/volunteering sites Ask like-minded individuals/orgs to send out to their networks Send to universities with journalism, non-profit management, communications, community media etc. programs—ask professors and administrators to help spread the word Send to the 10,000 people...

One Billion Rising: The inimitable spirit of Asha Kumbharkar

/ February 11, 2015

February 11; Vanpuri, Maharashtra Community Correspondent Rohini Pawar reports on the life of Asha Kumbharkar; a woman who is battling the chronic ailment of HIV while still earning livelihood for her kids. “Whenever I see a woman who is losing hope after a severe diagnosis, I show her my own...

Wanted Video Volunteers Social Media Ambassadors

/ April 8, 2013

You believe that the right words can get people to listen. You believe that the right voice can get people to act. You think of social media as a platform that collapses borders and unites people. You believe you have the power to inform and transform society. You are a...

Trade Agreement Puts HIV-AIDS Patients At Risk

/ May 11, 2011

EU-India agreement may prevent the production of generic, affordable antiretroviral treatment.

Drug Traps Lucknow Youth

/ March 16, 2011

Poor and uneducated youths of Lucknow fall prey to drug addiction as illegal drug sale thrives in the city.

Childhood Confined To Four Walls

/ October 18, 2010

59 children in a government-run orphanage in India’s Allahabad await a new home and a better life.

Prostitution Enforced By Tradition

/ September 30, 2010

Generations of women are forced into prostitution by their male relatives in the name of tradition in rural Uttar Pradesh, India