Resuscitating Health Care in Rural Jharkhand

May 7th 2015 | Baskhola Village, Mandro Block, Jharkhand | Jyoti Malto

Residents of this village travel as far as 20-30 kilometres in order to get basic healthcare. A sub health care centre was built in the village in 2009 but to this date, its doors have never opened to the public it was meant to serve.

Community Correspondent Jyoti reports how pregnant women, elders and men on the verge of collapse all have to drag themselves to the Health care facilities at the Block level in Mandro to get any medical services. Jharkhand has a maternal mortality rate of 219, which is higher than the national rate of 178. Further, according to Rural Health Statistics, there is a shortfall of 2085 sub-health centres in Jharkhand.

Call to Action: Please call the District Civil Surgeon on +91 9334776755 and tell him to make sure the sub health centre in Baskhola is opened immediately and fully equipped.

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