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Goats come to School, Children stay home

/ May 8, 2015

Dandibedo Pahad Village, Boriyo Block, Jharkhand | Jyoti Malto In this school building the laughter and shouts of children has been replaced by the bleating of goats. Jyoti Malto reports that a school building was constructed but has remained shut for the past 2-3 years. No teacher, no classes, just...

Tribals want access to water

/ May 7, 2015

Pokhariya Pahar Village, Boriyo Block, Jharkhand | Jyoti Malto An entire community’s water related needs have fallen on a solitary well in the middle of forest cover; come summer, it dries up forcing women to travel far to fetch water. The tribal residents of this village have been attempting to...

Resuscitating Health Care in Rural Jharkhand

/ May 7, 2015

May 7th 2015 | Baskhola Village, Mandro Block, Jharkhand | Jyoti Malto Residents of this village travel as far as 20-30 kilometres in order to get basic healthcare. A sub health care centre was built in the village in 2009 but to this date, its doors have never opened to...