Poor Implementation of Handicap Pension Scheme

Padugara Village, Dhanbad District, Jharkhand | Bharti Kumari

Five years ago Rita, travelled to the Block Office, closest to her village in the hope of getting the paperwork ready for her disability pension. At the end of that visit, she was promised that the required documents would be couriered to her house. She is one 15-20 people who are owed money under the Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme (IGNDPS).

Physically challenged since the age of 2, Rita now faces many challenges in trying to sustain herself. If she did get the pension promised by the government, she'd be able get something as basic as the special slippers she needs to walk.

IGNDPS is a component of the National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP). Individuals aged 18 years and above with more than 80% disability and living below the poverty line are eligible to get a monthly stipend under the scheme.

More then 15 people In Padugara village, haven't received handicap pension.

Call to Action: Please call the Civil Surgeon on +91 9431238483 and ask him to ensure that 15-20 physically challenged people get the pensions due to them.

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